As a small business your marketing strategy will be totally different to that of a huge chain. You need to work hard to get the attention, press and interest that bigger businesses get simply because they have clout. As a small business, you’re probably wondering what your best way to gain attention. The answer is that there are many ways, but an effective way of marketing, if done right, is email marketing.

Email marketing – the benefits

There’s a fine balance to strike with email marketing. You want to gain interest from potential clients and customers, but you don’t want to pester and annoy people with unsolicited material. It doesn’t mean that all email marketing is bad, it just means you need to do it correctly.  This is what we’re going to talk about in this article.

The best thing about email marketing is the cost. Small business don’t always have a lot of disposable income, so email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing campaigns available. Second of all, almost everyone nowadays has email, so you’ll be able to reach far more people much easier and quicker than you would have in the past or if you were doing mail marketing. Through email marketing, you’re able to promote your services, attract new clients, strengthen relationships and effectively boost your sales. But of course, to do this, you need to do it right.

Now, what exactly makes a good email marketing strategy? First and foremost, never send emails multiple times a day. This will be a nuisance to people because you’re oversaturating their inbox. The next time they receive an email from you, they’re likely to delete it rather than read it. Instead, when you send out marketing emails include little tidbits that are useful, as well as talking about your business. This gives them an incentive to open the email more than just looking at your products or services. 

How can email marketing strengthen relationships?

How do you build any relationship? Through communication! Communicating regularly with your customers is a great way to constantly stay in the forefront of their minds. You can also engage with them in a way you’d never otherwise be able to. Combining email marketing with social media marketing is a great way of communicating with your customers on multiple channels.


Another benefit to email marketing is that people now receive emails to every device so you’ll be able to reach them on their phone, laptop or even tablet. This increases your chance of visibility and interest. Rather than mail marketing where someone will look at it and throw it in the bin, emails are much more likely to get the desired attention.

Email marketing can be a great asset to small businesses. It’s cost effective and is a great way to stay in contact and engage with your customers. Done right, it’s a huge asset to your business and is not something you should pass up. 

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