Search engine companies, especially Google, have been introducing updates that help create better online search experience for users. These updates do not only aim to provide users with enjoyable and productive online search experience but also to accommodate and support new technologies and applications. These include mobile site adaptation and voice search technology.

The Widening Use of Voice Search

It is reported that voice search has already taken up a good percentage of the total search numbers all around the world. This can be attributed to the widening acceptance and usage of voice search apps and devices, such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa. Indeed, voice search comes in handy in various ways.

Voice Search and SEO: What Happens Now?

Now that voice search continues to dominate a good portion of the total Web searches, you might wonder how it affects your website’s rankings. How do you optimize your website better to adapt to this new trend?

Indeed, it is very important that you start optimizing your website to adapt to the rise of voice search. Looking at how things are going, it seems that voice search is here to stay. For this reason, you’re better off beginning to optimize for voice search now!

How Would You Keep Up With the Voice Search Trend
Voice search results still largely depend on keywords, so there’s no need to panic. However, you can make sure that your website ranks whenever a user voice-searches using your keywords. Here’s what you can do:

Prioritize localizing SEO optimization – Almost every business nowadays has a website or at least a social media account or page. If you’re running a local business or website, then you should focus your SEO efforts on local SEO. Those who use voice search are most likely looking for services, businesses, or products available near them. You want your business or website to be among the first ones presented to them when they do a voice search. Make sure you perform proper geo-tagging both on your website and social media accounts. You should also begin using Google My Business and make the most of it.

Optimize and design for mobile search – Since voice searches are typically conducted through mobile devices, your website should also be designed and optimized for mobile use. You need to have either a responsive or adaptive website that can be viewed regardless of what device is used. You should also make sure that page loading speed is great, as a slow website won’t appeal to users.

Do not forget other SEO factors – Of course, you can’t forget about other factors, including the creation of high-quality and relevant content. Remember to always provide your audience with value, regardless whether they stumble upon your website through voice search or traditional search. Make sure your keywords are always updated and that you always provide fresh content related to those keywords.

The internet and search engines keep evolving. Therefore, you should always be prepared to keep up with the changes. Optimizing your website is a continuous learning and improvement process, so settle in and enjoy the ride!

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