So you’ve followed all the basic guidelines of search engine optimization. You’ve optimized your website and landing page, you’ve identified your ideal clients and created content targetted to them, you’ve made sure Google can trust and index your website. You reached the first page on the search engine. However, you still can’t rank any higher and can’t get additional traffic. Why?

As effective as SEO can be in helping you rank on search engines and generating traffic to your website, it still has its limitations. SEO and its corresponding process are not that simple, although that’s what it seems at first glance.

When you’ve followed the SEO process and executed it properly, you still have work to do to increase your traffic, which is focusing on the market itself. Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Look at neighbouring territories

When you already have an established brand, an authoritative domain, and a great website, you can further increase your traffic by leveraging uncompetitive businesses that are in the same niche as you.

Identify products and services related to your business, do keyword research, and find the pages that ranking for those terms. Evaluate their landing page, domain authority, branded search volume, and SEO strategies, and think about how to improve your site. Start small and see if your effort will gain traction before extending it. Remember that you are already an established brand, so expanding to related products will enable you to reach more people and get ahead of smaller brands in those areas.


  1. Create pages that can accommodate untapped opportunities

Some people have insufficient knowledge about a product or service or may be intimidated by them, which is why they don’t make a purchase. They are potential customers you can target by creating a page that can accommodate their hesitations and concerns. Your pages should not outrightly push the products and services to them. Instead, you provide them with comparisons and information that will guide and enable them to make confident decisions to purchase.


  1. Improve your outreach

You have two groups of the interested audience. There are those who are not well-versed about your products and services, and those enthusiasts who already know but are keeping themselves updated. Your content must then be able to meet both their needs. Also, you can tap the help of the enthusiasts by asking them to review your products and services through videos and articles. Share these videos and articles on your social media pages.


To wrap up

SEO is an effective marketing tool that will help you rank high on search engines. However, your efforts must not stop there. To draw more traffic to your site, you must go the extra mile.

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