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Combining PPC and Email Marketing to Make a Killer Campaign – What to Know

Email marketing, without a doubt, is one of the most effective online marketing methods known today. If you’re familiar with email marketing and can generate a campaign to achieve a killer ROI, then you need to know that this strategy can be improved further. However, to do this, you’ll also need to be familiar with another popular online marketing method, which is PPC, or Google Ads in particular. 

By combining PPC with your killer email marketing strategy, you’ll be able to improve the results considerably. In this article, we’ll show you exactly how. 

Email Marketing and PPC

If you don’t already know, email marketing is the most effective online marketing tactic. This method is more effective than Facebook or Twitter. It is so effective that most, if not all, online marketing gurus suggest or even recommend email marketing to be one of the pillars of any online marketer’s campaigns. 

In terms of brand awareness, Google Ads takes on a major role for any online marketer. Google Ads is known to improve brand awareness by as much as 80%. In fact, according to Google, most businesses make an average of $1 for every $2 spent on a Google Ad campaign. 

Many online marketers already take advantage of one or both methods. They make full use of email marketing and may have a PPC campaign as well. However, not all of them know that by integrating or combining these two highly effective methods, a marketer can boost his or her email marketing campaign. 

The Key to Email Marketing

If you’ve had any success at email marketing, you’ll know that the secret to this method is a highly compelling subject line. At least 50% of recipients open their email by how compelling the subject line was. Therefore, the more people who open your email, the higher your chances of that email being read, and people buying your product. 

The question is, how do you create a compelling subject line? 

If you guessed Google Ads PPC, then you’re correct, and here’s why. 

About PPC Campaigns

Most people think of PPC campaigns in terms of generating revenue or improving brand awareness. While ads generally do both, there is one thing that many marketers often fail to notice. Google Ads are an excellent method to find out the best words or combination of words that not only draw attention but also encourage a person to click on the ad and eventually make a purchase. 

To find out which of your ads will have the most effect for your email marketing campaigns, create two ads, and have them run for a couple of weeks. Remember that each ad must have the elements of FOMO (fear of missing out). These can be words like “urgent,” or “limited offer.” 

After a couple of weeks, you’ll likely be able to determine which of your campaigns was the most effective. 

If an ad campaign is effective, then the chances that a similar campaign in an email marketing format will also be highly effective as well. 

Other Strategies to Increase Results in an Ad Campaign

Asides from FOMO, a few different strategies that you might want to tap into are to identify and target the audiences’ pain points. As you know, the majority or at least 70% of those who proceed to check out, fail to complete the purchase. However, by retargeting these people, there is a good chance that one in four will complete the purchase if they are retargeted with an effective email marketing strategy. 

So, if you’re seeking for a highly effective method to boost your email marketing campaign, develop it by testing the most effective PPC ad and applying the same strategy on your email marketing. 

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