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We see so many businesses spend time and money on their shiny new website only for it to sit there doing nothing. We hate it when that happens. That why we never create a website in isolation, we create responsive social websites. 

So what’s a social website? Well simply put we make sure each one of our sites has integrating social media feeds. This ensures that your site is constantly buzzing with new activity that both google and potential customers love. These days, when people visit websites they want to see activity within the last few hours not the last few months. If you can demonstrate that you are an active, vibrant business this builds trust in the website visitor and makes them much more likely to make a purchase. If you want to go to the next level we can also setup a social wall, like ours here.

When creating your website, we always recommend having an integrated blog to allow you to publish frequent fresh content that will get you flying up those search engine results. We are happy to manage this whole process, see our blogging services.