Creating Facebook Custom Audiences

Advertising in the modern world has changed drastically – TV, Radio and billboard are no longer the primary means of marketing and social media has taken their place as the new solution. Millions of people have instant access to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, therefore it stands to reason that advertising on these platforms provides a huge potential customer base for those willing to invest.


Facebook has implemented paid advertisements for some time, and this methodology is continually evolving in its complexity – This business has a vast amount of data and statistics available that they can use to customise adverts and provide a targeted service that is beneficial for both the consumer and supplier. A new development that has arisen in the ability to create a “Custom Audience” – Read on to find out exactly what this means!

What is a custom audience?

A custom audience on Facebook is a captive group of individuals and organisations that already have an affiliation with your business. These people could have liked your Facebook page or shared one of your articles; they could be suppliers, past customers or even business partners. Basically, anyone that has shown an amount of interest in what you have to offer.

Facebook allows you to target this demographic of people and create customised audience groups – You can then use these groups to create specific advertising campaigns and hopefully increase your engagement and revenue as a result.

What is the benefit of this type of advertising?

Advertising often falls short due to its lack of reach and resonance – How many times have you noticed an advert on Facebook and dismissed it immediately as it has no relevance to you whatsoever? Generic advertising that isn’t suited to a particular customer base or demographic will often have poor results.


This is why custom audiences and targeted advertising are so worthwhile. A custom audience lets you appeal to a group of people that you know has an interest in your business! They have already taken the first step, therefore a custom audience can simply push them in the right direction and prompt further action.

How do I create a custom audience in Facebook?

If you have a Facebook page created, you must take the following steps:

1. Go to “Ads Manager”
2. Select “Audiences”
3. Select “Create Audience” and then “Custom Audience”

You can then select how you want your audience populated i.e. how you want Facebook to select which users are included within the group – Possible methods include website traffic, app activity, engagement on Facebook and customer files. By selecting the Facebook option you can then choose what type of engagement you want to use including video, lead ad, canvas and page (i.e. users that have watched a video you posted or viewed a canvas you created). The “page” option allows you to create a custom audience based on users that have interacted with your Facebook page in some vicinity.

From there you can then choose various parameters such as what timeframe the interaction should be i.e. the last 30 days, and how specific the interaction should be i.e. everyone who has viewed your page, or everyone who has sent a message to your page for example – The level of customization is fantastic!

Once you have created your audience, you can then use it to create advertising campaigns etc. This new feature truly opens up a whole new avenue of possibility for Facebook advertisements – targeted adverts using customised audiences can help greatly to improve your exposure and lead generation.

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